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Wellness Resources & Student Services at UMB

Wellness Resources at UMB

General work-life and wellness resources including mental health and stress coping services can be found by visiting Work Life and Wellness on the UMB Human Resources website.

Specific Resources

Employee assistance program: Counseling appointments with behavioral health professionals to assist employees and family members experiencing personal, professional, or family problems. Short-term counseling and referrals to appropriate resources as needed.

UMB Covid-19 coping kit: Tools for staying calm and managing anxiety; tools for resilience, compassion, and stress; health care resources to help manage stress and anxiety; tools to help maintain mental health; online support forums; tools for movement; tools for parents; resources for grieving and other tips for managing emotional stress.

Support, Caregiving, and Work-life Resources during Covid-19.

Wellness resources: State wellness program, Smoking cessation programs, Lactation support, and education programs

Work-life balance resources: Work-life (daycare, CSA, volunteer opportunities, etc), Financial well being (live near work, credit union), environmental wellness (parking/transportation, police escort services)

Launch your life: Massage, yoga, financial wellness, guided meditation, Tai Chi, creative sessions

Student Specific Services

Student counseling center: Service including a variety of tele-mental health services, individual therapy, consultation, referral assistance, workshops, and more.

Student health resources

Educational support and disability services: ESDS coordinates services to assist students with disabilities in obtaining reasonable accommodations through an interactive process involving the student and the school.

For mentors trying to navigate students facing specific challenges, the faculty can reach out to the respective Graduate Programs who have access to resources and can provide appropriate connections within UMB.

Student DEI Service but has Resources for the Entire UMB Community

Intercultural center: DEI resources for students including identifying/connecting students from historically underrepresented communities with resources for success, navigating the impact of racial/ethnic/cultural stress on students, and many other resources. Resources for the entire UMB community from a podcast on learning about identities to DEI and anti-oppression training, seminars, workshops, and presentations.